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I am sure I mentioned this at some point during this blog journey that Portland is my favourite parish. There is something about being there that relaxes and enriches me in ways I simply cannot explain. It’s physically beautiful , some parts are  well developed but others are absolutely untouched. It’s a wonderful juxtaposition that the old soul in me really appreciates.

There is just something about being in a new place and having new experiences that will never get old to me. Whenever I organise vacations or trips I make it a point to really see the place , I don’t just want to go and lay down on the beach or in the hotel I want to really experience the place. I get a strange joy from planning the trip itself ; the research and organisation that goes into  a trip should never be discounted but when you actually get on the road or  (cough cough) the plane it’s more than worth it.  My mind works best with some semblance of structure so planning helps me to have a more fulfilling experience . I usually don’t get into the time constraints and nitty gritty details but I will always have a  general idea of the plan for the day which is necessary when your list of activities is longer than your trip and deeper than your pockets.

When it came to new experiences I did have a few in my last trip which involved visiting a Maroon Town, Rafting on the Rio Grande and of course late night manish water and jerk chicken runs.  Call it wanderlust or an overactive mind but as soon as I return from a trip my thoughts are always on planning the next one. (I’ve already started planning a trip for my birthday 5 months away , don’t judge me.) I used to always laugh when people say that your 20s are the time for travel and exploration because travel is expensive af and us 20-somethings got responsibilities and shit. The luxury of travel is a beautiful thing and until I can afford my jet setter dreams I will continue to explore the many treasures my country has to offer.

What is a vacation without the customary  semi candid but kinda awkward photos? Check out a few from my trip!


Do you have a favourite parish or a favourite place? Please share , I’m always looking for additions to my travel list.


Love and light,


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