paints.jpgSometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong. – #QueenOfKatwe

I heard this quote while watching the Queen of Katwe trailer and all I can say is that it touched something deep inside me. I been feeling that way for a little while. I have become so used to being a certain space that I’m not sure if I can operate outside it. Self doubt is a crippling space and I’ve been operating inside it for longer that I care to admit.

It’s weird that someone who is as filled with wanderlust as I am also craves stability. But it’s a constant balance act for me and one I truly enjoy living. I realise however that when I lean too far to any one side it usually doesn’t bode well for my mental state.

In truth I don’t know where I belong just yet…but day by  day I get a better picture of where I want to be , the things I want and the things I don’t. Isn’t that saying something? Isn’t that progress?

Love and Light,



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