New Dawn , New Day.

So…that place I write about a month ago I’m still there. Still unsure but less anxious. I am learning to be at peace with the unknown. Stability can be enticing and it’s something I tend to seek out but for the sake of balance we must also embrace the unpredictable.

I haven’t been however languishing and allowing my anxiety to build , I have been making some small steps and some large leaps into creating a life that makes me happy. I went on a trip earlier this month , I had some interesting experiences and made some great memories. I was able to tick a few more things off my 101 Things list. I’ve been reading and writing more and just taking a bit more time to connect with myself.

Here are a few pictures from the trip which I may write about at a later date. Can you guess where I went?


What do you do when you have time to yourself?  Do you have a self care ritual? I may have found mine.


Love and light,



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