#Wardrobe Woes – Goals

Copy of Borders. (1)A few weeks ago I started a Developing Your Personal Style + Signature Course being offered by one of my favourite style bloggers ,  The Daileigh.  . Assignments are issued on a weekly basis and the assignments usually involve some introspection as they require a closer look into your closet , the outfits that you are attracted to and the pieces that go into creating  the looks.

I’m at Week 4 and at the #WardrobeGoals section of the course. Last week I completed the #StyleGoals assignment which involved pulling a few choice outfits from my Pinterest style inspiration board , analysing the outfit and labelling the look. The labels that appeared the most often were “creative classic” and “casually elegant”. Both of which involved  classic pieces usually in neutral colours blended with bold prints , colours and accessories. I’m not sure if I labelled the looks right (is there even a wrong way to do this?) but I think “creative classic” has a nice little ring to it.  As a part of the assignment I will have to write a comprehensive list of the garments I believe that display this label. I love lists so this should be a breeze.

I’ve been using The Daileigh’s Wardrobe Foundation book as a basis for my wardrobe but I think that this course is helping me to really hone my personal style and allowing me to figure out the elements that attract me in a look and how I can reflect that when I get dressed.

Do you think “personal style” is just about clothing or do you think it extends to other areas of your life?

Love and Light,


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