Urban Love

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Two weeks ago , in celebration of Valentine’s Day , a friend of mine asked me to participate in a  photo shoot. I’m always up for helping friends and supporting their artistic expression so I said yes. I was told what to wear , sent a Pinterest board for inspiration and I showed up on the day of the shoot fully made up despite having a very hectic weekend. I added a little extra concealer to hide the bags under my eyes.

I can truly say that I’m really happy I did the shoot not only because I was blessed with some awesome photos as a result but because I gained a better understanding of the whole photography process. There is so much work that goes into creating the final product that I left with a stronger appreciation of the life of a photographer and maybe for all artists and creators in general.  They put so much of themselves , their time and their passion into their work that I can’t help but appreciate that.

Here are a few of the amazing pictures that were taken.


The photographer in question is Gianni Jahziel and the full shoot can be viewed here .

Love and light,



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