Not All Who Wander Are Lost


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Parden the cliche title. It’s all that would come to me. Wanderlust is for me all these things and more and it is a desire I have been plagued with since as far back as I can remember. Being an avid reader and an only child added kindling to the fire as my imagination allowed me to travel to so many places it was only natural that as I grew older I would want to experience the places I had read so much about.

Travelling both locally and globally has been a top priority for me over the past year and is reflected in my 101 things in 1001 Days list. I’ve been able to meet my local travel goal though I still continue to adventure  and as we speak (as i write) I’m actually preparing for my next “global” trip.  As such I’ve decided to share a few things that an aspiring “jet-setter” such as myself would like to have in my life. You know..for those days you just have to get up and go. (let me dream okay. let me dream)  

    1. Roll-Up Earphone Organizer – I’ve been trying to make one of these but to no avail. This one is affordable and would save me from the tangled earphone struggle.
    2. Secret Underwear Pouch – For storing unmentionables and ensuring that your bras don’t get crushed.
    3. Passport Covers – Because  pretty?  This one is sleek and simple and has space for a pen , a plane ticket and a few cards.
    4. Mesh Travel Bags – I’m always trying to pack smaller and smaller bags with each trip I take , something about living lightly. These bags would surely help me in keeping track of all the different things I have to pack.
    5. More Mesh Travel Bags – I couldn’t resist the leopard print..sorry. 
    6. The Perfect Weekender – This bag I need more than anything on the list. It’s a great size for weekend trips or to use as a carry-on. It has a separate shoe compartment which based on reviews can hold about three pairs of shoes. What more do you need?                                                                                                                              

Most of these things are from Mochi Things , they have a great variety of stationery and  travel essentials with the exception of the weekender which I’ve been eyeing on Sole Society for a few months.


Do you like travelling? What are some of your travel must haves?

Let me know!

Love and Light,




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