GlamBags and Wanderlust


Borders. (2).jpgIt’s been two weeks since my last post , don’t guilt me please. I feel bad enough already. It’s just been a whirlwind of family visits  and work tasks that I haven’t been able to get in the right frame of mind to write.I spoke about Clarity in my last post and I have been seeking it but it has been a bit hard to find and for that I apologize.

Lest i get too far into my feels today I wanted to share something  fun with you. So my close friends would know that I really like (read I am obsessed) with travel sized products. I have a  stash of mini face washes , lotions , makeup brushes and cute travel pouches to put them all in. Maybe it’s my wanderlust but I like being able to just go and not worry but my inner pragmatist also wants to be prepared and these mini products help me to do that without weighing down my already big enough handbags. Mini products have saved me from sure embarrassment a few times and maybe I will share my every day mini stash in that long overdue personal “What’s In Your Bag Feature?”.

Most of the pouches and products I now own come from the subscription service ipsy.  The subscription costs $10 dollars US per month ; you sign up , do a beauty quiz indicating  the brands you like , your skin tone , your hair texture , where you shop and how comfortable you are with makeup in general.

Based on the quiz a GlamBag is generated , the bags are sometimes hit and miss. I still have suntan spray (looks at skin colour…nah) but it’s often a good way to try and find out about niche brands. I found my favourite nail polish brand (Formula X) through an ipsy sample and I’ve also been introduced to some very great products.

Even if the products aren’t great the bags themselves are usually cute and very useful. You can store your products at home or in your bag and some of them can be used as clutches for a night out.

You can peep past glam bags here and also if you sign up using my referral link some points will be added to my account. Points can be used on special offers which pop up from time to time. Unfortunately ipsy doesn’t yet allow you to skip the month but you can unsubscribe at any time.

Here are some of the bags that I’ve gotten and some of the products. I think some products from my Sephora Haul may have snuck into the photos but don’t mind that.

Do you use any subscription services? If so what are they and do you think I should try them? Let me know. Always looking to discover new products.

Love and Light,



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