Seeing the World

Borders. (23)

I’ve always considered myself “good” with children. They love me and I love them. In a way we understood each other.

I’ve had a lot of experience with children spending much of my younger years in service of the children of the world.

But I don’t think many children have touched me in the way R has. R has a brain condition which has rendered him unable to speak or to walk without assistance.  I met R during a small Christmas project , I was in charge of the bounce-about and was asked to supervise him while inside.  This supervision led to me spending the rest of the day with him in my arms , resting , hugging and just being completely at peace.  He never spoke a word to me but I somehow felt everything.  His bright eyes always seemed to be looking past me and through me and his energy flowed for those willing to feel it.

I was in awe of his spirit and wondered what was going through his mind , how he saw the world and what brought him joy. He smiled often enough and bounced around on his knees but he seemed most content laying on my lap staring up at the sky.

I was filled that day with a stronger appreciation for people who “see” the world in a different way , who experience it in ways I am not able to. It showed me the importance of listening and respecting individuals – their thoughts , their beliefs and experiences.

While most of  us are fortunate enough to voice our experiences ,  R could not. He could only hold my hand , rest his head on my shoulder and trust that I understood.


Love and Light,


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