The Late Night Par

Borders. (9)

So about a month ago a friend of mine randomly reached out to me to be a part of a podcast.  In his words…*they  need a smart woman to balance the  panel* .  Being as though I’m in the say yes to new experiences  period of my life , I without much thought agreed .

The next Tuesday I found myself with three guys recording the first episode of the Late Night Par.  We’re on our second episode and the reception has been pretty great and somewhat unexpected.  Our last episode was pretty exceptional , we managed to discuss Restaurant Week, Bombings in Paris and Lebanon , Black Lives Matter Movement , Body Counts and Misogyny all in the space of an hour. We’re trying our best to be relevant but at the same time relaxed. True to what our name suggests, it’s just a group of friends chilling and talking about whatever comes to mind.

We’ll be recording or third episode tomorrow , check us out at TheLateNightPar. 

Love and Light,


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