Wardrobe Woes – The Foundation

So as I mentioned in the Shakedown , I’ve been slowly but surely clearing things out of my closet while finding new ways to wear old pieces. The Daleigh’s Style Book also provided a list of basic wardrobe pieces which I’ve stored as an Evernote and continue to tick off as I acquire them.

Given my limited monthly wardrobe budget the process is a rather slow one but I’ve gotten very good at finding deals and because I have a set list of items I don’t go overboard. Since I’ve started the process I’ve bought :

Borders. (13).jpg

I also bought some fabric last weekend to have a few pairs of pants made for work. I went with black , gray pinstriped and brown tweed.  I’ve also been looking at capsule wardrobes for inspiration and… I feel like the look is coming together well. I just have to continue building and focusing on pieces that really fit my life.

Here are one of the capsule wardrobes that caught my eye. I love that it is mostly basics and neutral colours. It’s really cohesive which is something I want for my wardrobe.


Do you like the idea of a capsule wardobe? Imagine a closet with only 35 pieces of clothing? It’s really hard for me to imagine but I sure do like the idea.

Love and light ,


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