The Essentials.

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So a few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to help him with shopping. He was seeking to update his wardrobe and had no idea what he needed to get or where to get them (neither did i). But I was good at research so I just did that and I found him with about half a dozen places and a list of things he needed. I realized while writing this that the exercise is pretty similar to what I’m doing with my wardrobe. But less I digress I had the idea of a blog post series that involved men of different ages, careers, style and price points showing their wardrobe purchases over a period of time . I’m not a menswear blogger by any means so I passed the idea over to my friend at RushCamStyle.  I did however wrangle a friend into helping me start the blog posts so I must share what he has finally written. *cue the applause*

Having come to terms with my over 30 status, I tend to look back at my younger days. In doing this I can’t help but to notice the stages of “maturity” my wardrobe has gone through. With that I’ve decided to share a few elements that are necessary for a gents closet. Some have become a staple while others tend to fade in and out of style.

From the get go, there are some signature elements that have become timeless. I’ll call these  “The Essentials”.

– they never really die and now seem to come in every colour and cut. But as you step out with your corporate swag, your jeans should be stepping (not dragging) with you. I recommend either relaxed or straight cut (shades of blue or grey tend to survive the washing machine best). *Don’t over wash nor over iron your jeans.

In My White tee
– okay it doesn’t have to be white, but the simple plain tee (preferably v-neck) is an essential. These must be fitted and ready to go, playing multiple roles as an under shirt or to compliment your jeans and/or blazer.

The Undeniably Blazer
– the blazer is important as it’s an easy way to transform/upgrade your look in one swift move. Black, navy blue, grey or charcoal colours tend to complement most looks best.

The Button Up
– be it long or short sleeve (you need both), the button up works exceptionally well in making you look the part. You can play with the colours and styles, but be certain to dress to your body type and height (we less taller gents go with vertical stripes).

Let’s go to Polo
– the perfect mix of the tee and button up, one can’t go wrong with a nice Polo and slacks. You’re free to explore your colours, just be mindful of how it complements the rest of your choices.

The Slacks/Khaki
– yea I went old school and said slacks, but be sure these are tailored to you. Personally, I keep my tones pretty simple, sticking to my black, navy blue, grey and white khaki. The better the fit, the better the look.

Suit Up
– this is where you keep it simple and classy. You need at least one suit, but I recommend investing in two.  Your suits should be within the basic colours mentioned above (blazers). This will allow you to dress it up with a nice shirt and accessories.

– every gents closet needs to have a watch or two, nice socks – I go for pattern socks, ties (bow or slim ties), pocket squares (keep ’em interesting), shoes and a signature scent or two.

This has been a fun look into my limited closet, but it has worked over the years. Admittedly I have transitioned from loose to more fitted cuts. However, the essentials have been pretty consistent throughout.

And there you have it.  The Essentials. Thanks so much to @ProjectDV for encouraging my random thoughts.

Love and Light,


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