Wardrobe Woes – The Shake Down

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It may have something to do with growing up (read getting bigger) or all the time I seem to be spending scrolling through Pinterest and their amazing collection of outfits but I pardon the cliche…really have nothing to wear.


Okay…okay..maybe not nothing. But I really don’t have a lot. I took stock of my closet after purchasing on a whim The Daileigh’s Style Book and I’ve left myself with a very limited amount of clothing options. But in a way that’s also a good thing , it’s an opportunity to rebuild and refine my wardrobe and overall style.

I’ve always considered myself stylish and well-dressed and I’m sure persons would agree with me on this (fingers crossed). But for the last year or so I’ve been finding it harder to get dressed in the mornings , I was becoming bored with my wardrobe and just kept grabbing for the same things way too often. After going through the book and my closet I realized there were some serious gaps in my wardrobe .

  •  Not Enough Basics – I clearly had an aversion to plain clothes in my younger years because almost everything I owned had prints , patterns or some other details. A few tanks were all I could show for the sake of basics. Dismal.
  • Lack of Cohesion – My wardrobe is all over the place and nothing seemed to work right together. I had clothes from high school , clothes from university and clothes I borrowed (stole) from my mother. So many different pieces , most of which don’t fit the style I envision for myself right now. I have a very confused closet to say the least.
  • Shape Mismatch – Why is it that someone with a shape like mine keeps buying bandage , pencil , straight cut anything? Why do I continue to torture my thighs? My body has been for lack of a better word “flourishing” over the past couple years which has really affected the clothes I’m able to wear. Dresses I used to wear now fit like shirts , my pants now look as though my measurements were taken in water and knee-length has become mini. It amazes me how I somehow manage to find work appropriate attire on a regular basis.
  • Hoarding – Why do I have that sparkly mini dress I know can no longer fit me? Why do I have that shirt that is now two sizes too small? I already know that I don’t have enough closet space but yet still I refuse to clear out certain pieces because I may need it. May is just not good enough. Having for the sake of having makes no sense.

I’ve been making it a point to take out a few things out of my closet on a weekly basis and putting them in my donation basket , and exercise I hope to be finished with by December. I can already imagine the empty closet racks.

What is your closet looking like right now? How has your style changed over the years?

Love and Light,


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