Wash and Not Go.


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Since I started seriously caring for my hair I’ve been getting a lot of comments and a lot of questions. Among my favourites …is that a wig? Is that your real hair? How you get it to look like that?


The wig one always throws me off no matter how much I’m asked but especially when I’m asked by people who saw my hair when it was 4 inches high. Black girls got curls too. Ugh. But anyway back to the hair…I always get asked what products I use , what I do and all that. So here goes.

Step 1.  I style my hair once a week. Usually on Sundays unless I have somewhere to go where I must look extra acceptable. I start by putting my hair into four (4) puffs . I can’t use the term ponytail because this hair does not hang anywhere.  I then , armed with a spray bottle of water mixed with acv (apple cider vinegar) and wide tooth comb detangle each puff.

Step 2.  Depending on how my hair is feeling I may do a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment at this point. If it’s a regular wash day I would proceed to use either baking soda or Creme of Nature Detangling Shampoo to wash. I sometimes do this in the shower or standing over the sink. I wash each puff separately and then add conditioner…usually Creme of Nature Intense Conditioning Treatment. I let that stay in my hair for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3. I run my comb through each puff while rinsing the conditioner to ensure that there are no tangles. I use my fingers a lot in this combing through process as well. I ensure that the hair is left dripping wet which really helps the styling process.(tip learnt from Naptural 65)

Step 4. This is where the magic happens and by magic I mean absolutely nothing.  As mentioned in step 3 I ensure my hair is dripping wet. I then rub in leave in conditioner…finger combing as I go…i add a few drops of coconut oil and then a little curl pudding and curl gel. I do this to each puff , keeping them separated as i do.

Step 5. I remove all the clips or scrunchies separating the hair and I shake my head a few times in each direction to loosen up the curls and then leave my hair to dry.

The whole process takes about 45 mins to an hour but I have been known to do a 30 mins wash and go in a rush. If I’m leaving the house right after I finish my hair I will spray some oil sheen and shake a bit more. If not I will revert to the four puffs and then tie my hair down with a scarf.

I usually am able to keep my curls intact for about a week. I tie them down every night..spray them in the morning with water and a little bit of oil. I may depending on how my hair is looking add a little leave-in conditioner and curl creme during the week but for the most part water works fine.

And that’s all she wrote.

Is your wash routine similar to this , what products do you use? I’m running low on gel and I am looking for a replacement. Any suggestions?

Love and light,


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