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I spent much of my teenage years watching “What Not to Wear”.  I love the show ,I still watch reruns and  I’ve watched all the available episodes on Netflix. One of the things that really stuck with me apart from all the wonderful fashion advice such as The Formula was the idea of the 5 Minute Face. The makeup artist Carmindy was always talking about it and showing the participants to achieve this look given their busy schedules and their makeup ineptitude. A full face in 5 minutes? Unbelievable.

When I really started to get into makeup it was all about the eyes…bold liners and eye shadows with a relatively bare face because I was still playing around with makeup and my mother wasn’t keen on the idea of her baby wearing foundation and powder on a regular basis. Truthfully neither was I , makeup always seemed heavy and I feared it would ruin my skin.

Fast forward , I still don’t wear much makeup but I have a better understanding of it and if needs be I can do a full face beat.  I now prefer a clean, neutral palette with bold lips and a little bit of shimmer. This brings me to my 5 minute face . After my morning skin routine I use about 5 products to achieve a simple but work appropriate look.

I’m usually rushing out in the mornings so I have to be quick. I skip foundation , it’s way too hot in the mornings but I always brush some powder on to help my face not look so oily and to protect it from the sun’s rays. I am always trying to grow my eyebrows so gel is a must. Lipstick is my new best friend after years of only being able to use blistex and I am enjoying it. I always line my lips with either a dark brown or black pencil and then I fill in with lipstick (City Colour in Cappuccino is a great nude) , pigmented gloss (L.A. Colour glazed in Tempt is my favourite right now) or a a flat finish gloss. I rub my lips together to create an ombre effect and then I am out the door. If there is a little bit more time to spare I will add a bit of eyeshadow and some mascara but this doesn’t happen often because of my knack for snoozing my alarm….more than once.

Do you have a 5 minute face or a rushing out the door face? What are your must have 5 products?

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4 thoughts on “5 Products , 5 Minutes

  1. Yes. I use highlighter, lipgloss (can double as blush), concealer, eyebrow pencil (double as eyeliner), and concealer. I have a newborn so this makes.me look refreshed and I can sleep in a little longer if needed.


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