Stories that came my way.

I haven’t done a round up post in a few months but I’ve been storing articles and lest my list get too long , I think it’s to share them with you. I’ve noticed a theme running through the readings I’ve been drawn to and I think it is a signal of where my life is flowing. I really want to share stories that empower others , stories that change minds and change lives. I know that to do so I have to start living my truth and in so doing attract more authenticity into my life.

Okay enough of my monologue. Here are the articles!

Meet Marvel’s newest female superhero in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – I am big on representation and I get a little fuzzy feeling seeing black women on girls in print and in media. While I love the idea of writing our own stories it’s always great to see us.

Large Fears  – Jeremiah Nebula Is Not A Bullfrog. He Is A Black Boy That Loves Pink Things, And He Desperately Wants To Travel To Mars.  Will Jeremiah Nebula Conquer His Large Fears?  I am so excited to begin reading this book. (it’s in Florida waiting on a family member to take it down.) The artwork is amazing and based on reviews I’m sure it’s a story I can relate to.

#ProjectBrave – This initiative by Nastassian Brandon  was about displaying and embracing our insecurities and the things we’ve taught ourselves to see as “flaws”. The photos were lovely and  the persons who participated were truly inspiring.

The Art of Loving Women: How Woman-Love is Saving My Life – Are any words truly needed for this?

Strong Female Characters are Rarely Strong and Barely Characters – I’ve been taking a closer look at the way women are portrayed on screen and it’s disheartening to realize how much of my favourite “strong” female characters are so one dimensional and how I used to aspire to that type of “strength”. It’s a wonderful feeling to unlearn all of that and embrace the complexity of my being.

Lastly , my favourite photos of the week :

Borders. (17)


Have a wonderful weekend!

Love and light,


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