What’s in HIS Bag?

Borders. (18)

So , I had the lovely opportunity of meeting Dean ‘Anrkiss’ Morris a few months ago and he agreed to do the men’s edition of the What’s In Your Bag feature that I promised forever ago . So sorry it took this long. But yes…Dean doesn’t really like interviews and he doesn’t like prepared questions so you know I had to come good and use all my charm to get through this.

First things first…Anrkiss? Say it slowly. You’ll figure it out. Took me a little while.

Dean currently acts as Managing Director and Project Manager (i’m stressed just thinking of the work load) for a mobile website development and design solutions called Project Grapevine. They have a really strong team and have made some really great websites and are poised to do great things in the Jamaican tech space.

In addition to great design and development , there is awesomeness coming out of Project Grapevine in the form of The Vinelist. Don’t you just love how they are keeping with the theme? The Vinelist is a social media/e-commerce platform that allows you to post things you want (tech and fashion for the time being) and provides you with the stores that sell them.  Hello..is this the future calling? I tend to do most of my shopping online because it’s usually agonizing trying to find certain things locally. A platform that does the leg work for me? Here for it!

Okay so back to Dean. In the little time I’ve known Dean , he’s already appointed himself as my life coach. He gave me homework after our first meeting and has taken a definite interest in my future. He is a bit of a control freak but given how much he has going on I think he has to be.

I did get him to answer a few staged questions after a promise of a beer and a bit of bacon.

What’s really in your bag?  Mac Charger , Macbook , Fancy headphones gifted to me from Mannin , Samsung tablet , Wallet (with no money in it) , iPhone 4s, iPhone4s charger , Mouse , Brut Sport , Mead Notebook. 

The bag by the way is from Boasty, here’s a close up.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?  I’m not sure, I don’t have 2020 vision *ba dum tss*

Describe yourself in 5 words? Unconventional, Jovial, Erudite, Techie, Determined

5 countries you’ve been and 5 countries you want to go? Cayman Islands, USA, Germany, Trinidad, Barbados.  I would love to go to Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats, Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano, I would love to also go to see all of the 7 Wonders of the World, Antarctica, Nepal (to climb mount Everest), Galapagos islands and lastly to see the Northern and Southern lights. 

5 favourite apps?  My fave apps are Pocket, Whatsapp, Sunrise, Trello and Banana bill (a game I developed)

What does a regular day at Project Grapevine look like?  I try to reach in at 8, organize the tasks for each developers and the designers and when they’re in at 10, they have clear cut goals for the day which they’re updated on in Trello.

11 to 12 is updating clients, or writing proposals. Lunch is spent playing video games or shooting videos. After lunch we try to accomplish the major goals and by 5 if now accomplished we update the Trello board on what needs to be done.

I leave at 7 after going over the tasks, or playing games. more likely games.

What does Jamaica tech future look like to you and how are you helping to create?  Bright! Some amazing ideas are coming up, unfortunately not enough funding and mentoring but programs by the government or private individuals are popping up all over the place and filling this gap.

What your favourite type of mango? Mangoes are a running joke in my company. my fave mango is probably number  mango. I’m a simple guy.

Any word for the young aspiring web developer? Research and know more about your field of study. learn as much as possible about emerging tech, our field changes every 2 years. If you don’t like constant learning or learning under pressure, don’t. 

 What do you do for fun? I go drinking, surfing (the internet), play League of Legends, play football in a corner league.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen…Dean Morris.. * cue the applause*


Love and light,


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