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Call me a “picky eater” , call me discriminating , call me a foodie. Whatever. One thing I know is :   I LOVE FOOD and I make no apologies for this. I am perpetually hungry (no wanga gut comments please) , I really enjoy eating and I love having new food experiences. I have a lengthy list of places I want to try and I am continually adding to this list. Food can tell you so much about a place and a people and I’m always excited to learn.

As part of my foodie chronicles , I went to Kingston Kitchen for the first time a few weeks ago , I’ve wanted to go since its’ inception but for some reason it never quite worked out. I arrived about 8.00 p.m. and walked around a few times before finally deciding what to get. I ended up having dessert first  , gelato pops from Liqy Liqy followed by Chicken & Waffles from House of Loaves and Tangy Tamarind juice from Root Origin. I picked up some cookies and chocolates from I’d Rather Fall in Chocolate and Pastry Passions to carry home. I spent about 1500 for my food and I enjoyed it all. My first Kingston Kitchen was a good one and I plan to be better prepared for the next one (read: save some more money).


There are however a few things that I thought would have made the event better , at least for me.

  1. Not having to pay to enter the venue. If I didn’t have to pay to enter I would probably have spent the additional money on food. I know from a business perspective it may not have been feasible but for my pocket it would have been lovely.
  2. I wish there had been more sample platters available. I know that the portions were smaller and the prices more affordable but i would have made a little bit more if I could sample more than one offering from each place. Given the type of food that was present a sampler plate would have been great e.g. at House of Loaves a sampler plate with mini shrimp po boy , lamb slider and a mini waffle for about 900 dollars would have been worth it . It would have been pricey to purchase all these things individually. Just an idea.
  3. No likkle freeness? I’m not sure if I got there too late but I didn’t see much being offered that wasn’t on sale. Maybe I am being greedy but a few free samples wouldn’t have hurt at all.
  4. I know it’s about the food but there could have been a little more in the way of entertainment. The DJ was very good but I think some more random activities would have helped persons to be more engaged.

Not withstanding , I had a great time and I found a few new places to add to my ever growing restaurant list and I am excited to continue exploring food.

Where are your favourite places to eat and would you say you’re an adventurous eater?

Love and light,


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