Tech Trials

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Isn’t it hilarious that as I was about to write a post complaining about my tech struggles that the computer shut down and I had to restart three times. I almost lost this post. Is that you Universe? Well , as I mentioned in one of my posts , my laptop won’t let me be great. In fact , none of my devices will. I am constantly having to clear all the data from my phone apps and I can’t have more than five downloaded apps at any one time though the system apps take up most of the device memory. I’m not sure what Samsung was thinking when they made this phone. In a word the device memory is dismal. I am stuck using this phone because the operating system and battery for my other phone just gave way. I don’t even want to get started on my laptop. Technology just doesn’t seem to like me. I need new devices all across the board, something I’ve been saving towards and can hopefully tick off my list by the end of the year.

Despite my tech woes , there are some applications that I have on my phone and on my computer that do make up for all the struggles I experience.

My top apps are as follows :

Evernote : I’m an avid list maker , note taker and overall information hoarder. Evernote helps me to keep all these things together and synced across all my devices. The web clipper comes in handy for storing online transaction information and the work chats allow me to collaborate on certain notes.

Trello :  This app has changed my life in the few months since I’ve had it. I use it to manage my daily todo list , my blog schedule , my travel plans and my 101 things to do list. The boards are easy to manage, easy to update and easy to collaborate with other persons.

Google Keep : I use this mostly at work to store contacts , checklists and notes that I may need to access quickly. The icon fits on my task bar and the layout is like sticking a ton of coloured post-its on a board.

Wallet App by Budget Bakers : I downloaded this about a month ago because I really needed a new budgeting app. This app combines my account tracking with my budget creation so I was also able to get rid of another app and clear up some space on my phone. The icon is a donut which i find really cute and the interface is simple. I can track multiple accounts and it offers a lot of options for me to input enough details on the transactions.

Technology is supposed to make your life easier but I don’t think my devices got that memo. What apps make your days a little better?

Love and light,


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