The Motherland meets The Birthplace

Borders.I am trying to do a better job of scheduling posts but my laptop doesn’t believe in my greatness. It has therefore taken me a total of four days just to publish. I am beyond frustrated and I feel like my tech woes may end up as the subject of my next post. But enough of that , as I mentioned in my previous post I was on vacation in Portland and it was an an awesome experience. One of the places I stayed at had adopted the tag line “Paradise on the Edge” and trust me it was more than accurate. The place blew my mind and within hours of being there I had already planned my next trip. Yes , I am not exaggerating it was that amazing. The owners describe it as a place where spirituality , nature , heritage among other things converge and it was just that. It was almost an other worldly if I had turned down a road that led to Kenya , Nigeria or Ghana.

The eco resort was set out on a large expanse of land ending right at the Caribbean Sea , from my hut..yes hut…I had an amazing view of the sea..I had never seen anything so beautiful as that sea. I felt quite deprived that it took me so long to have that experience.

The property was quite an adventure and every time I left my hut I discovered a new path , new places and new views. It was a life changing experience and has fuelled my wanderlust. I was also able to visit some beautiful beaches , raft on the Blue Lagoon and milk a cow.(that is a story in and of itself)  I am going to share a few pictures but they don’t even do the experiences  justice. Portland is such a wonderful parish and I was happy to experience it the way I did.

Here are a few shots from my adventures  🙂


I learned a lot from my trip and I thought I would share a few tips 🙂

textgramtextgram (1)

Love and light,


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