None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds


I’m currently on vacation and I spent a night at one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica. It was nothing short of amazing. The experience has truly changed my life and I believe that I will be a better person for it. I will definitely be sharing that with you. One thing that really struck me about the whole experience was how wholly Afro-centred it was. That is not something I get to be a part of often and it was truly wonderful. It gave me a better appreciation of African culture and I feel more connected to the motherland.

All that being said I really believe that even though we celebrate Emancipation Day yearly we as a people have not truly grasped the true meaning of the word. We constantly cling to the things which no longer serve us and were never meant for us. We must embrace the truths of who we are as a people and not the “truth” that have been fed to us for centuries.

I found an awesome article earlier this week about African Intellectuals and it struck just how similar the Afro -Caribbean experience is and also how colonized our minds still are. (Read full article here)

I also found some art by the Afro-urban Montreal based visual artist Ma’liCiouZ. She is of Haitian origin and her work is really awe-inspiring. (Check it out here.)

Lastly , I was able to skip through these books this weekend and I truly believe they should be required reading from early childhood. It feels like all my history has been hidden away and I am slowly putting the pieces together.


I will soon regale you with stories of my experience but for now Happy Emancipation Day!

Love and light,


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