My Week on the Interwebs

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This week was a rough one. I had about three different events and two sets of meetings to organize and manage and as with all things…it didn’t all go according to plan. It was very difficult and I will admit , I had a few moments of weakness but I made it through and I am now ready for the weekend! Can i hear an amen?

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As a result , i wasn’t able to spend a lot of time strolling through the interwebs but in the little downtime I had I found some really cool tidbits I wanted to share.

To Be Black and Woman and Alive – this was a video of a poem performed by two amazing black women. It gave me goosebumps.

The Wide World of the Sagittarius Woman – This post was in my reader earlier this week and I am so happy I read it. It really hit close to home and was helpful in my constant search for self-knowledge.

Flavorize Me – This a cute promotion put on by the Talenti gelato company.Through “analysing” your social media accounts the site provides you with a custom flavour match which has the possibility of being made. My flavour mixture was Alfajor , Piment D’Espelette and Bubble Tea. Interesting right?

Custom Fragrance Blending Kit – I have a perfume problem. I’m going to call it an affinity. This kit is really neat , the oils are potent and the rollerball allows you to mix easily. In other words…i want it!

Black In Paris – I have been seeing these prints on pinterest a lot and I finally tracked down the seller. These prints would be a great special purchase for me.

Nneka – This piece is entitled Nneka and it is absolutely beautiful to me. This is the kind of art I hope to start collecting. (to hang up in the house I don’t own yet)

That’s all for this week , look out for the part 2 of the Brand Me series and have a lovely weekend. Stay Golden!

Love and light,


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