Skin and such things.

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Over the weekend I had a discussion with a very close friend  about skincare among other things. I’ve tried to help before but the thing about skincare is that it takes patience and some tlc to keep your skin clear even with “good genes”.

I must say thanks to my mother who used to anoint me with olive oil as a child , a habit i recently resumed. I’m not sure what gave me the dedication to stick to a skin care routine at age 10 though it may have something to do with Disney Channel and their depictions of children with acne. Whatever it was I am thankful.

Though I am not (hopefully) as vain as I was then I still value the health and appearance of my skin and I try my best to take good care of it.

Persons tend to focus on the products , changing them often and buying expensive ones  but while the products are important sticking to the routine is just as important. That is where people tend to fall down but all good things take a little time and little effort.

My products have changed over the years , i’ve done all the drugstore brands , some high end ones but last year I made it a goal to use more natural products and that has lead to a very simplified routine. It goes a little something like this :

  1. Wash face – I use black soap (the propa propa one , that looks like this)
  2. Apply toner – I use a homeade apple cider vinegar toner, it is simple to make and works wonderfully. Recipe is #5 on this list.
  3. Moisturize – I use olive oil.

That’s about it for my every day routine.

When I have any pimples  I will spot treat with tetracyline ointment and for exfoliation I use baking soda and olive oil or baking soda and St. Ives Green Tea Wash (I love the green tea scrub and this mixture is a great substitute) .

Honourable mentions :

Raw Shea Butter (this really changed my life , my skin , my everything – add a few drop of any essential oil to help with the smell)

Jamaican Espresso Bar and Coffee Scrub from Cerasee Bath & Spa Shoppe (I bought these a few weeks ago and they have revolutionized my mornings , the smell of coffee really perks me up and the products are locally made and all natural)

Activated Charcoal Soap from Karess Krafters (this soap really deep cleanses but it seems to lighten my skin so I try not to use this more than once per week)

What kind of products do you use and what is your routine like? I’d like to know.

Love and light,


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