Nappy and Happy.

Borders. (6)So…when I decided that I was going to start a blog and I was going through ideas with my friends a few of them suggested that I talk about natural hair and my journey and all that. My first thought? Bleh. I didn’t think I would fit into the steadily growing group of women that had cut their hair and now had so much to say about it. Based on my binge watching of youtube hair videos these women  knew so much about their hair , what worked for their texture and paid so much attention to caring for it.

I on the other hand was the epitome of low maintenance when it came to hair-care , favouring protective styles over wearing my hair out and having very little time or patience for the everlasting wash routines. I saw my natural hair for about 2 weeks every 2 months ,  I was still struggling with my texture and my hair just refused to “look right”. What could I possibly add to the discussion?

A little background information…I did the big chop in April 2014.  But I was seriously thinking about returning natural for about a year before that. I would grow my hair for about 3 months , think of committing but then based on certain pressures just head to the salon and get my relaxer. In the summer of  2013 I decided that I was ready to make that step despite what my mother , aunt , family and friends had to say. I was going through a lot of different personal changes during that time and it just felt right. I like many others started with braids  ,after which I did a sew in weave and then another round of braids.

9 months after my last relaxer..I with my mother’s help cut all my relaxed ends off and then went to the barber for a trim.  To this day I am still so proud of my mother for being a part of that process. My mother though natural herself had a hard time with my journey…she just couldn’t see me with short hair..short kinky natural hair. She just couldn’t picture it and I’ll admit I couldn’t for a long time. Short hair was very new to me and though I had natural hair for about 12 years of my life I still had no idea how to care for it. I had never been responsible for my own hair and trust me that was a hard thing to get used to. But it is the same with all new experiences especially the ones that have a profound impact on your life. Embracing the changes is half the journey.

I think that’s where the term “journey” comes into play , you build a connection with your hair. You begin to learn what your hair responds to and how it likes to be treated. You begin treating your hair as an extension of your being. You stop comparing your growth and your texture to others and just enjoy the process of getting to know your hair. It has truly been a spiritual experience for me and one that has gotten me closer to accepting my self – flaws and all.

That being said I still love my protective styles but now I use them to feed my need for constant change and variety and not to hide my hair. I now have the patience to  try out different products and really to spend the time giving my hair the care it needs. My hair has responded accordingly and I can finally say…”curls on fleek”.

I’m still learning my hair but it is a process I now enjoy wholeheartedly.

Stay tuned for a post on my favourite products and a glimpse at my protective styles.

Love and light,


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